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Fall 2023 Newsletter

Cemeterian — Newell Andrews

Waterford owns and maintains four cemeteries — Elm Vale on Sweden Road in South Waterford, Pulpit Rock on Rt. 118 in East Waterford, Bisbeetown on Bisbeetown Road and Woodlawn on Five Kezars Road. Plots are $300 each, which includes perpetual care. Waterford cemeteries have a "carry in-carry out" policy. Please take with you any artificial decorations, trash or debris.

The map of both the old and new sections of Elm Vale is available online and requires Adobe Reader to view. To see the map, click here. Use Rotate Clockwise to orient the map and Zoom to view individual lot names.

Woodlawn Cemetery
Bisbeetown Cemetery

Pulpit Rock Cemetery

Pulpit Rock has officially adopted rules, which will administered by an association when one is formed. Until that association is formed, the town serves as the administrator.

Rules and Regulations
Adopted by the Town of Waterford March 6, 1999
Revised March 4, 2007

NAME — The name of the cemetery shall be PULPIT ROCK CEMETERY and is on land donated to the Town of Waterford by Harry Brown on February 23, 1939. The cemetery was established in March, 1997 following the annual town meeting.

ASSOCIATION — A cemetery association shall be established as soon as lots are sold. The cemetery association shall be called PULPIT ROCK CEMETERY ASSOCIATION. Any individual or family purchasing lots shall automatically become a cemetery association member. As soon as the association is organized, it shall elect a president, vice-president, secretary and at least three (3) trustees. An annual meeting will be called by the president or trustees, and other meetings at the discretion of the officers, all in writing. The town clerk shall act as treasurer of this association.

LOTS — Lots shall be protected by reasonable rules and regulations and all lots sold will be subject to these rules and regulations. Size of each burial lot is 5x10 feet and size of each cremation lot is 5x5 feet.

FEES —  The price of each plot shall be $300, which will include perpetual care. All plots shall be recorded at the Oxford County Registry of Deeds - East with the registry fee included in the purchase price. Prior to burial, all plots must be paid for in full to the Town of Waterford, which shall maintain a fund for maintenance of the cemetery. All plots sold shall be recorded on a cemetery map kept at the Waterford Town Office. Cremation burials shall be limited to two per plot.

CONTAINERS — A concrete vault, liner box or cremation urn will be required for each burial. No wooden liners will be permitted.

INTERMENTS — No interment will be made until the lot of each burial is paid in full and recorded at registry of deeds office and the town is so notified.

CORNER POSTS — All lots will be marked by stone or concrete posts, or other durable markers. Posts will be placed at ground level. The placement of permanent corner posts will be the responsibility of individual or family lot owner and should be done as soon as possible after the burial lot is sold.

MONUMENTS — No monument shall be erected on any lot until all lots purchased have been paid for in full.

MONUMENT FOUNDATIONS —  All monuments erected in the cemetery shall require a minimum of a four-foot (4) foundation. The trustees shall be responsible for adhering to this regulation. Exception may be granted under extreme conditions approved by the trustees. All headstones shall be surrounded by a base that is at least three (3) inches larger than the headstone in order to assist with mowing.

EROSION CONTROL — Concrete/Granite block walls around cemetery lots shall be approved by the trustees if there is an erosion problem.

WINTER BURIAL — Winter burials may be permitted. However, the individual or family shall bear full responsibility for costs of opening the cemetery and for the repair of any damage done to monuments, lots or roads as a result from plowing snow.

SHRUBS — Shrubs shall be limited to one on each side of a monument. This does not include corner posts. Maintenance of said shrubs will be the responsibility of the lot owner or family, if possible. The trustees shall assume responsibility of shrub maintenance if the lot owner or family does not assume this responsibility. Overgrown shrubs may be removed at the discretion of the trustees by prior notification to the lot owner or family, if they can be found.

ARRANGEMENTS AND ORNAMENTS — Floral arrangements, plantings or ornaments will be placed on lots in a manner which will facilitate the maintenance of the lot by the cemetery caretaker(s). Flower beds shall be limited to the front or back of the monument only.

FLORAL CONTAINERS — Any container used on cemetery lots for the holding of flowers or ornaments will be of a non-breakable nature. This is required to prevent injury to caretaker(s) or others using the cemetery.

MEMORIAL DISPLAYS — Any flowers or other arrangements which are used for decoration of lots shall be removed by individual or family members by the end of October. Any displays after that date shall be removed by cemetery personnel as part of fall clean-up. Wreaths or other winter arrangements are welcome but shall be removed by the end of April.

RESALE OF LOTS — Lot owners have the right to sell or convey or assign ownership of their lots with the approval of the trustees of the cemetery association. Such conveyance will be recorded on the cemetery map located at the Waterford Town Office and recorded at the Registry of Deeds office with cost of registration paid by new owner.

RESTRICTIONS — There will be no trespassing at any time by anyone other than those who have a specific reason for being in the cemetery. The cemetery will be closed to all persons from the hours of dusk to dawn from May to November. No bicycles, snowmobiles, mini-bikes, horseback riding, etc. will be permitted on cemetery property.

LIABILITY — The cemetery association, or the Town of Waterford, does not assume any responsibility for damage to stones (meaning monuments or markers) on lots or for injuries that may occur to persons while on the cemetery property.

REVISIONS — Revisions to these rules and regulations shall be made by the cemetery association upon recommendation by the officers and trustees at the cemetery meetings called for said purpose.