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Dock Permit Application

                                             Dock Permit Application (PDF)

From Waterford Shoreland Zoning Ordinance Section 15. Land Use Standards:

C.   Piers, Docks, Wharfs, Bridges and Other Structures and Uses Extending Over or Below the Normal High-Water Line of a Water Body or Within a Wetland, and Shoreline Stabilization
1.      A permit is required for first time dock installation or enlargement from the Code Enforcement Officer.

 2.      No more than one pier, dock, wharf or similar structure extending or located below the normal high-water line of a water body or within a wetland is allowed on a single lot; except that when a single lot contains at least twice the minimum shore frontage as specified in Section 15.A, a second structure may be allowed and may remain as long as the lot is not further divided.

3.      Access from shore shall be developed on soils appropriate for such use and constructed so as to control erosion.

4.      The location shall not interfere with existing developed or natural beach areas.

 5.      The facility shall be located so as to minimize adverse effects on fisheries.

 6.      The facility shall be no larger in dimension than necessary to carry on the activity and be consistent with the surrounding character and uses of the area. A temporary pier, dock, or wharf shall not be wider than six feet for non-commercial uses.

 7.      No new structures shall be built on, over or abutting a pier, wharf, dock or other structure extending beyond the normal high-water line of a water body or within a wetland unless the structure requires direct access to the water body or wetland as an operational necessity.

 8.      Docks and wharfs that are not permanent shall be removed not later than November 1 of each year. 

 9.      No existing structures built on, over or abutting a pier, dock, wharf or other structure extending beyond the normal high-water line of a water body or within a wetland shall be converted to residential dwelling units in any district.

 10.    New permanent piers and docks shall not be permitted unless it is clearly demonstrated to the Planning Board that a temporary pier or dock is not feasible, and a permit has been obtained from the Department of Environmental Protection, pursuant to the Natural Resources Protection Act.

  11.    Vegetation may be removed in excess of the standards in Section 15(P) of this Ordinance in order to conduct shoreline stabilization of an eroding shoreline, provided that a permit is obtained from the Planning Board. Construction equipment must access the shoreline by barge when feasible as determined by the Planning Board. 

         a.       When necessary, the removal of trees and other vegetation to allow for                               construction equipment access to the stabilization site via land must be                            limited to no more than 12 feet in width. When the stabilization project is                                    complete the construction equipment accessway must be restored.

      b.  Revegetation must occur in accordance with Section 15(S).