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Site Plan Review

Last updated March 7, 2015

Site Plan Review Ordinance (PDF)

Anyone considering a home occupation should read the following,
taken from page 1 in the Site Plan Review Ordinance.
Any questions should be directed to the Code Enforcement Officer.


A.  This Ordinance shall apply to all development proposals for:

  1. New or substantial enlargements of commercial, retail, industrial, institutional and recreational building(s), structure(s), and uses.

  2. Campgrounds.

  3. New uses of existing structures or land or existing uses when such new uses would generate greater traffic, or which would employ new materials and/or processes or the sale of goods not normally associated with the previous use.

  4. Resumption of legal uses which have been abandoned for at least five years which would require review if being newly established.

  5. Home Occupations.

B. This Ordinance does not apply to:

  1. Construction of detached single-family and two family dwellings and customary outbuildings for the use of the residents thereof.

  2. Construction of barns, stables, and other agricultural related buildings.

  3. All non-structural uses of land for agricultural and forestry purposes.

  4. Existing buildings or premises legally established prior to the adoption of this Ordinance unless one or more of the factors described in Section 3.A. 1 through 4 are present.

  5. Bed and breakfast establishments.

  6. Accessory structures and uses.

  7. Home occupations which meet the following conditions do not need Site Plan approval, but still require a consultation meeting with the planning board.

    a.  The home occupation is incidental and secondary to the primary residential use of the premises;

    b.  Do not employ more than two full time equivalent persons who do not make the residence their permanent home;

    c.  Do not display any exterior sign larger than eight (8) square feet, exterior exhibits, exterior storage of materials or any other exterior
    indications of the home occupation or variation from the residential character of the principal dwelling or accessory structure;

    d.  Do not generate any nuisance, waste discharge, noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odors, heat, glare, radiation, fumes, or electrical interference detectable to the normal senses or which interferes with normal radio or television reception, data transmission or causes other nuisances which extend beyond the limits of the subject property; and

    e.  Are not likely to generate regular daily or seasonal traffic not associated with residential uses.


  8. Home Occupations which do not meet the criteria in Section 7 above shall comply with Section 5.B.10.